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Ten things I have done

Compared to most 'things I've done' lists that I've read, I've done absolutely nothing. My life must be so boring. However, I thought I'd give it a go anyway. Half of mine relate to the same topic - my years in amateur dramatics. So if you need something to make to sleep, read on.

  1. Was used as a human shield by a male psychiatric patient whilst a female one came at him with a piece of wood with nails in it - the rest of the ward, staff and patients, were playing rounders several feet away.

  2. Climbed along the outside of a bridge that was being constructed over a railway line, rather than use the proper footpath. Given that I am not an adventurous, fearless person, I still (thirty years later) cannot believe I really did this - but I did.

  3. Passed out a third of the way down a flight of concrete stairs at collage and survived with little more than temporary amnesia and minor concussion.

  4. Tried, and sadly failed, everything I could think of to get out of taking a group of children/young people to the theatre to see a pantomime. I hate pantos!

  5. Went out, for several months, with a man when I was nineteen/twenty who was more than thirty-five years older than me.

  6. Played the Snow Queen at the age of five sans my two front teeth.

  7. Nearly stabbed someone in the front row of the audience, when a knife I was throwing down as part of my role, missed the desk and flew off the stage.

  8. Spent an entire play with my dress having to be held together by my 'fiancé' as the hooks and eyes were so old, they wouldn't grip.

  9. Drank real home-made wine on stage - lots of it - and still remembered all my lines.

  10. Had to completely 're-write' an entire scene, whilst playing it in front of an audience to cover up for the fact that I couldn't get the pack of cards I needed for the scene out of the desk, as the stage manager had put the desk on the stage the wrong way round.
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