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Four weeks of Six Word Drabbles

Playing catch up on posting here.

5th November


Cat. Finance. Flock. Fraction. Layout. Manager.

By day she was a finance training manager.

By night she was a cat burglar.

People would flock to her training seminars because she made subject fun and exciting. She removed the mystique and taught people how to produce the perfect layout for financial documents.

She took pride in her work; it fulfilled her and made her happy.

However, it gave her only a fraction of fulfilment as the other half of life.

She had never come close to being caught. Technically, she wasn't a burglar, as she caused no damage, left no mess behind and took nothing with her.

12th November


Affect. Challenge. Fish. Justify. Mosquito. Stride.

"No, Dr. Mallard, it does not justify it."

"But, Jeth-" Ducky watched Gibbs stride away.

The next few days were a challenge for the team; they all felt the affect of Gibbs and Ducky falling out.

DiNozzo stopped fishing for compliments.

McGee stopped talking geek.

Palmer stopped being afraid of Gibbs.

"Jimmy, please tell Agent Gibbs it was a mosquito bite."

"I -"

"Palmer, go and see McGee."

"I - Yes, Gibbs."

The Autopsy doors closed behind him.

"Ah, Duck, I'm sorry. You were right."

"What about Rule -"

"Rules are made to be broken. Come here." Gibbs tugged Ducky into his arms.

19th November


Bill. Essential. Fabricate. Mug. Pledge. Vigorous.

"I don't like it," Doyle said, as he vigorously cleaned his gun. "Worked with someone in the Met who used to fabricate evidence. I pledged I never would again."

"This is different, Ray."

"That's what they all say. I'm not a mug, Bodie."

"Never said you were. Come on, sunshine, it's essential."

"Says who?"

"Cowley. Hey, I don't like it either."

"But you'll do it."

"Yeah. Look this Bill Thompson's a right bastard. We've got to stop him."

"I know that, but - Oh, what the hell. But you'd better make it up to me later."

"Always do, sunshine. Always do."

26th November


Able. Appear. Branch. Fat. Moving. Power.

Steel was far more than merely an able element; far more than he appeared to be.

The depth of his true powers was known only to him and Them. Had his fellow elements known the truth, many would have feared him.

His only weakness was the fatigue that followed him dropping his body temperature to an unsafe level, as it put him in danger of falling asleep and freezing to death.

Thus, when They suggested the prospect of Silver moving into his home, Steel agreed. It was time he branched out and accepted there was more to life than work.
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