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This week's six word drabble

It's a Sapphire & Steel/Doctor Who crossover. The characters are Steel & Ten.

The words were:

Appear. Arena. Cereal. Continental. Drink. Stadium.


Steel waited in the restaurant of the stadium or arena or whatever earthlings called it. On the table was an untouched cup of coffee.

"Would you like some breakfast to go with your drink? We've got cereal, continental, cooked."

"No, thank you, I - Doctor!" Steel rose and stared up at the man in front of him. It was his tenth face, but no matter how he appeared, Steel always recognised him.

"Hello, Steel." The Doctor pulled Steel into his arms and put his lips on Steel's ear. "Travel with me?"

"Yes," Steel said. It was time; this was his Doctor.
Tags: character: steel, character: ten, fandom: sapphire & steel/doctor who, fiction: six words drabbles

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