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Paranoid? Moi?

I do not believe it!

Lightning does strike in the same place twice.

About half an hour ago the phone rang. It was a company from whom I'd ordered something a month or two ago, but the items were out of stock; the items are now back in stock and so they were about to process it.

I've give you three guesses why the man was ringing me.

Right - you only need one.

Yes, again.

Another company that has changed its system a month or two ago, so I explained to the really helpful, nice man what the problem was. Fortunately this company, which is a much smaller one, was able to work around the problem; they still had one of the old style machines which you use to swipe the card. So the man asked his supervisor if it was okay for him to do that and then attach the relevant part to my order to get around the problem.

It seems that we are going to have to change one of our credit cards to our house number, in order to get around this problem. I do virtually all of my shopping on-line and am now paranoid about buying anything!
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