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Inconsistencies to go, with a side order of lacking in attention to detail

With Season Four of NCIS almost up on us, I decided to look back at the other three seasons in respect of things that have irked.

NCIS is, in my opinion not only one of the best shows 'currently' being shown on television (certainly superior to anything Britain has to offer), but one of the best shows ever.

However, the excellent nature of the acting, believable characterisation (well in most cases), character interaction, team work, story lines and attention to detail (mostly), is marred by the number of inconsistencies that appear throughout the Pilot and Seasons.

Also spoiling the party is where the otherwise excellent attention to detail is lacking. DMc has said in more than one interview about how important attention to detail is to them all, and we know that he regularly attends autopsies so that he can 'get it right', but there are other things about which attention to detail and taking the time and/or trouble to get facts correct is sadly missing.

I am not going to rant about Jenny Shepard in this post, I'm sure by now you all know my opinion of her.

If you wish to be bored to tears,
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