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Either or fannish meme

Snaggled from my very first fannish friend solo.

This is actually a lot harder than I thought it would be as for the most part I want to say 'it depends on the situation'. Also, it does depend on whether I'm looking at it from a writer's or reader's point of view. Plus, there are a couple where 'neither' would be the answer as I don't read in that kind of universe, so I've sort of gone for what I would prefer were I to read it.

Nonetheless, I have done my best to choose what I prefer in the majority of stories.

Slow burn OR love at first sight: Love at first sight.

Fake dating OR secret dating: Secret dating.

Enemies to lovers OR best friends to lovers: Best friends to lovers.

Oh no there's only one bed OR long distance with correspondence: Long distance with correspondence.

Fantasy AU OR modern AU: Modern AU.

Smut OR fluff: Fluff.

Mutual pining OR domestic bliss: Domestic bliss.

Alternate universe OR future fic: Alternate Universe.

One shot OR multi-chapter: One shot.

Kid fic OR road trip fic: Road trip fic.

Reincarnation OR character death: Character death.

Arranged marriage OR accidental marriage: Arranged marriage.

Time travel OR isolated together: Isolated together.

Neighbours OR room-mates: Neighbours.

Sci-fi AU OR magic AU: Magic AU.

Bodyswap OR genderbend: Neither.

Angst OR crack: Angst.

Apocalyptic OR mundane: Mundane.
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