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September Pretties Day 23

Autumn Owl

I couldn't let the month of autumn pretties go by without sharing a picture of my favourite bird of prey: an owl. Given it is rare to see an owl during the day, I thought it would be quite difficult to find one.* In fact this is another picture where I am not completely certain if it is a painting or an actual photo.I rather fancy, it's the former as I can just about make out a signature at the bottom. Nonetheless, is it lovely. The owl blends in with the autumn leaves and the tree and bare branches making him rather well camouflaged. Yet at the same time he stands out nicely.

*In fact I was going to share a picture that was almost certainly photomanipulated as the sky was bright blue, thus clearly making it day time. It was only when I went through my list of icons and found this one that I remembered I had this picture. Serendipitous.
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