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Time Travel meme

Snaggled from several people.

The challenge is this:

Go to the archives of the year you opened your Live journal account.
Find the closest entry to this date.
Post a story on your blog about it and add a link to said entry if you want to.

I created my Live Journal on the 4th of December 2004; thus the first entry is the one that is nearest to today's date.

Why am I doing this?
I always vowed that I wouldn't get a Live Journal, and I held out and held out - in fact I rarely even visited Live Journals. And then I seduced myself into The Man From U.N.C.L.E. where I discovered a superb community, but also found that some entries were available to members of the community only. Therefore, I had two choices: get a LJ or ignore those entries - I decided on the first option, and hope that I am able to join the community.

As well as The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Napoleon and Illya), I am also heavily into the British show The Professionals (Bodie/Doyle), and enjoy the Due South pairing of Ray Vecchio and Benton Fraser.

In spite of being more than a little computer literate, I know next to nothing about how Live Journals work, how one posts to one's own journal or anyone else's come to that, how one adds 'friends' or get added to other peoples' lists of friends - so the learning starts here!

I can't see me being a regular poster, as I am not certain I shall have anything interesting to say, but I do hope to share the odd thought or two that I have about my favourite slash pairings.

I don't have a 'story' to tell based on the post as it tells itself *g* However, the last paragraph in particular really makes me chuckle.
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