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Another writing meme

Snaffled from lonelywalker, well she snaggled one from me recently ;-)

Keyboard or [insert various local names for pen-type implements]

Keyboard. Keyboard. Keyboard. Keyboard. Keyboard. Did I mention keyboard? Except that is for when, in the middle of the night, an idea of line comes to me and I go digging into the top drawer by my bed to snag paper and pen and then, in darkness, scribble down said idea/line.

Beta or no beta?

That is the question. Until I started to write so prolifically, which coincided with my lovely beta maubast going through a particularly bad phase, I used to have all my on-line stories beta'd by Bast. However, when she became really sick, I felt it unfair to inflict her with my stories, because she's so selfless she'd have said 'Yes, of course I'll do them, Nikki'. And now it just seems unfair to ask her to beta what can average ten/twelve stories per month; although again I know she'd do them without hesitation, and from time to time, I do ask her to do them. However, I never used a beta reader for my zine stories (well Bast did publish the vast majority of them anyway).




lonelywalker and I were discussing this very thing, a couple of days ago. I find that a title either comes to me immediately, i.e. as I'm starting the story, or I really struggle to find one. I have, on a few occasions, thrown myself on Bast's mercy and asked her to help me.

Smushy or smutty?

I have it on good authority from lonelywalker that 'smushy' (which I hadn't come across) is the 'diametric opposite to smutty - romance rather than sex'. In which case, my stories are definitely smushy.


The hardest part of a story - why did I ever make it a rule of my Comm that writers have to include a summary? :-) Mine tend to be about a sentence long, even for my 15,000+ word stories! Although occasionally they do run to three sentences!

Funniest fic?

Humour is in the eye of the beholder. I don't write humour easily or seamlessly, and envy people who do (waves to caffyolay). However, I think I'd say that my funniest story is: Chatterbox.

Most popular fic?

Er, I think it might have been About Time Too, as I got several comments via the NCIS Fanfiction Archive for this story as well as the LJ ones.

Most fun to write?

I take great pleasure in writing all of my stories, I don't see the point of writing otherwise. But fun? A Satisfactory Conclusion (because I killed off Jenny Shepard).

Best and worst?

Best is not for me to say. Only other people can judge what is 'best', plus the term is very subjective. As for worst . . . Well there's not a story that I really hate and feel 'OMG' how could I have written that. But looking back at some of my very early stories, I do wince a little and think 'eek'. And I do often think, when I'm re-reading my stories, 'maybe I could have phrased that a little better', and I always try to improve with each story.

Coulda been contenders?

For what?


Slash. Gibbs/Ducky. Romance. External conflict. External angst. Team work.  Dialogue. Missing scenes/episode related. Plots. Happy endings. Kisses and 'stop at the bedroom door lovemaking'.


Gen. Het. BDSM. Internal conflict. Internal angst. Partner rape/beating, etc. Basically any heavy kink. NC-17 Sex. Partner betrayal.

Dirty little secrets?

It isn't a secret, I don't plan my stories in any detail. Oh, and I re-read my own stories.
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