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Favourite Pairings Pictures: Gibbs/Fornell

Gibbs/Fornell was a first for me, insofar as it was the first time I had written one half a beloved pairing of mine with someone else, in a serious way as opposed to an 'in passing way' (i.e. a pre-my-actual-pairing). It is a pairing I could see from the off and always knew that if Gibbs/Ducky weren't together, then it should be Gibbs/Fornell.

Admittedly most of the Gibbs/Fornell stories I have written are post-Ducky's death (it's how I started to write them) and most of them have had Gibbs/Ducky as a pairing before Ducky dies - but not all of them. Some are 'just' Gibbs/Fornell.

G&F 1 (450 x 299) G&F2

Tags: fandom: ncis, nikki: pictures, pairing (slash): gibbs/fornell, pictures: favourite pairings

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