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Weekly Icon Posting Project

This icon was made by bases_by_maggie.

I have several icons made by bases_by_maggie. As the name implies, quite a lot of the icons she produced were for people to use as bases for their own icons. I use them as actual icons as I think they are excellent as they stand.

I like this icon firstly because of the dramatic nature of it and how well the greys and yellows work together, but also because in a way, it's a dichotomous icon. There's the angry sky with the heavy, dark clouds, but there's also the rays of golden light offering peace from the anger. And the long and lonely, dead straight road stretching ever onwards with seemingly no end, but again one is driving into the light and the warmth and the feeling of hope.
Tags: !memes/quizes, graphics: icons, nikki: icon posting project

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