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Favourite Pairings Pictures: DiNozzo/Ziva

I'm going for another het pairing this week.

DiNozzo/Ziva is certainly not a pairing I ever envisaged I would write, because I wasn't a huge fan of either character. To begin with I disliked Ziva and Tony irritated me beyond belief. That said, I could always see more than a spark between them and as time went on I found myself moving from 'they'd make a good couple' to 'I want to write this couple'. I ended up writing more stories about them than I did for any other het couple apart from Abby/McGee. I was thus happy when it turned out they did actually hook up in canon and the romantic in me would like to see them get back together - well get together really, I guess (sex aside).

Tony & Ziva 1  Tony & Ziva 2

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