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What's in a title?

This music meme was snaggled elsewhere from caffyolay, who kindly said I could post it here.

Answer each category with a song TITLE. No repeats and do not use the internet (it's tempting but try not to). Go with the first song that comes to mind or fill in your favourites. Copy/paste then change the answers to your own (you can’t use mine) and repost.

I certainly found it pretty hard to do, given I didn't use the internet and also that my first choice would have been the song Caffy chose *g* It was, however, great fun to do.

Something to Wear - These Boots Are Made for Walking
Something to Drink – Red, Red Wine
A Place – Vienna
A Food – American Pie
An Animal – Eye of the Tiger
A Colour – Tie a Yellow Ribbon (Round the Old Oak Tree)
A Girl’s Name – Tell Laura I Love Her
A Boy’s Name – Daniel
A Profession – When i Kissed the Teacher
Home – The Green Green Grass of Home
Flowers – The Yellow Rose of Texas
Day of the Week – I Don't Like Mondays
Vehicle – Midnight Train to Georgia
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