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Music meme redux

I decide to play this again.

Name a BAND (NOT a song, NOT a solo performer) that starts with the letter given to you.

Please don’t Google one, just use your brain.

mrlnpndrgn gave me the letter R.

Should you wish to play, ask and I will give you a different letter.

REO Speedwagon was the first band to pop into my mind when I saw the letter 'R'. They are one of my favourite bands and from 'my' era of music. I was really torn as to which song to go with as there are so many I love. In the end I opted for Can't Fight This Feeling as it's a song I have also loved, but also a song that I've used in fanfic either directly or just as a basis for a story as the lyrics fit so well with the kind of partners/friends-to-lovers stories I enjoyed writing.. It's also a song used in one of the very first songvids (Starsky & Hutch) I ever came across.

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