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No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. It is clearly more than 'just overdoing it on Wednesday', I have a bug. It's the one that makes you feel as though you've just recovered from a two week bout of flu, I'm sure some of you at least know the kind I mean.

It's the kind of bug where you feel okay and think 'oh, I feel fine/much better I'll just go through my f-list and then I'll post comments on what I've read, reply to comments, email, YM, write, etc. etc.' But you do the first thing, and then wham, you realise that you don't feel fine, and can't do any more than literally read what has been posted, jot down references to post that need replying to, before you wander off and sit down and watch something. I hate that kind of 'lulling you into a false sense of security bug'.

So I have a long list of posts that need replying to - hugs to all of you - and comments and emails, etc. but once again they are going to have to remain unreplied to for now :-( I'm sorry, folks.

On the plus side (remember, I like to try to find the silver lining in everything), I have finally managed to watch the most recent series of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries which I dutifully recorded and hadn't watched. I see what you mean caffyolay and rosie55 - Wow!!!!

Thank you all for your good wishes, hugs and advice re: watches from my previous post. I really do appreciate them all, even if I haven't responded to your comments yet.

aingeal8c, causticquery and toomuchfandom, I have seen your latest wonderful offerings - I just haven't managed to say how much I enjoyed them, but I shall do that thing, I promise.

I do feel a little better today than I felt this time yesterday, and certainly by late afternoon yesterday I was feeling better than the day before, so hopefully this bug is going away. It can't last much longer, surely?

I miss you all (okay, soppy, I know, but...) and hugs to one and all. And extra hugs to (in alphabetical order) aurora_twilight, causticquery, dragonmuse, londonronnie, maubast and strainconductor (checks list, I hope I haven't missed anyone out ::worries::) you'll all know why. Normally I would have commented on your posts, but I hope this will suffice for now.

Catch you all soon (I hope).
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