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You'd have thought by now

I would have learnt not to overdo it ::sigh::

Yesterday was Mother's birthday, so we took her and Father out for lunch - which she really enjoyed. However, as most of you know, going out is always tiring and extra painful for me, and always results in me suffering for the rest of the day.

Yesterday was worse because as well as going out for lunch, we then went to try to find a watch for me. Since stopping work, I don't wear a watch every day as we have clocks in each room, but I do like to wear one when we go out, as I hate not knowing what the time is. Mine broke a few weeks ago, and it's not repairable - it wasn't an expensive watch anyway - so I need to replace it.

Now given that going out is not a frequent thing, I really want a wind-up watch as it's far more cost effective than constantly replacing batteries. You'd think I was asking for the moon! Apparently, wind-up watches are not easy to find. I could have bought the new thing on the market, which is solar driven (or something similar), and thus the battery never needs replacing. However, the idea of spending over £100 on something that gets worn maybe once every two months at best, seemed more than a little excessive, so I left it and shall look elsewhere. If anyone on my f-list has any idea where I can get a nice, simple wind-up watch that isn't going to cost me the earth, I'd be obliged if you'd let me know.

And if adding the jewellers to going out to lunch wasn't bad enough, we also went to another store, and Mother showed me her garden whilst J looked at their heating controls.

So all in all I seriously over did things, although it didn't really hit me until today. Thus I am going to have to take it easy and not spend too much time on my computer and try not overdo it today. I will catch up on outstanding emails, comments, etc. over the next couple of days.
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