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A quiz for 80s music lovers

I stumbled across this and thought I'd have a bit of fun and see how I did.

80s Music Quiz

Apparently, I did extremely well as I managed to get 100%. To say I was stunned is putting it mildly - especially as it claims 'no one can get 100% (of course one always takes such claims with the proverbial pinch of salt). I really never thought I'd get that many correct. Some I knew were correct; some I recognised but wasn't completely sure about; some I honestly didn't remember/had never come across and thus had to make an educated guess at the answer based on the group/singer/song title. I really didn't think I knew 80s music that well, at least not the second half of the 80s.

If you'd like to see how you do: Take the quiz.

EDIT: It is possible the quiz is 'broken'. I did wonder this when I learnt I had got 100%, but in light of mrlnpndrgn's comment, it does seem as if it could well be.
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