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Icon meme

1. Comment to this entry saying 'There can be only one (thousand!)!' and I will pick 3 of your icons/userpics.
2. Make an entry in your own journal (or just reply if you prefer) and talk about the icons I picked

mrlnpndrgn gave me:

This is one of my very early self-made icons when I was learning how to use fonts, etc. I wanted a batch of seasonal icons and this is the summer one. Whilst I'm not a summer fan (as you may possibly have noticed, or not, I do like to keep it quiet *g*) I do love the sea and the sky and landscapes and the colour blue, and this picture encapsulated all of these things. Thus summing up the 'good' side of summer.

This icon was made and personalised by rainbowgraphics, who is one of my favourite icon makers. Again it epitomises many things I love: the moon, a cloudy sky, water, landscape, a somewhat spooky looking castle and lovely colouring in blue-mauve. And I love the positioning of my name. It's a gorgeous, well balanced icon.

This is Duncan & Methos from Highlander: The Series. It isn't a series I ever really got into, despite solo's best efforts. She kindly sent us the episodes involving Duncan & Methos as she had fallen for the pairing. And whilst I really liked Methos and could easily see the pairing (the very slashy double-quickening to name but one example) I was 'meh' about Duncan (as was J who had watched the episodes as well. Nonetheless we did get the first series, but really couldn't take Duncan's 'morality', so didn't bother buying any more.

Then I watched the film Endgame and the ending gave me a plot bunny. So I wrote my one and only Highlander short story and as I had the icon space I made a very simple Duncan/Methos icon to go with the story when I posted it (I did like to have an icon of any pairing I wrote about). It's hung around ever since, despite me not actually being in the fandom or writing more than the one story. It's a very poor icon, but it was the best I could make from the pictures I could find on the net.
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