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Favourite Pairings Pictures: Due South

Today I return to what I consider to have been a 'main pairing': Due South.

Due South was my third fandom and the first fandom in which I was involved where there were two main slash pairings (Fraser/Vecchio and Fraser/Kowalski) and it brought me my first taste of fandom wars, deep, dark division and out and out nastiness within fandom. The 'Ray Wars' at their height was before my time, but I certainly encountered the second wave of it. I hasten to add it also brought me a lot of joy and fun and friendship.

Despite being pimped into the fandom by a Fraser/Kowalski fan, my pairing was Benton Fraser (the Canadian Mountie) and Raymond Vecchio (the Chicago cop). And one can't share Due South pictures without including Diefenbaker (the deaf wolf) who features so prominently in the show.

Ray, Benton & Dief Ray & Benny hands

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