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Favourite Pairings Pictures: Pros

Today I am opting for another of my main pairings: Bodie/Doyle from The Professionals.

I discovered, somewhat to my surprise actually, I have a lot of pictures from The Pros on my computer, so choosing a couple wasn't easy going. I thought about sharing some lesser known ones, but in the end I went with a couple that are widely known and used to show just how much of a couple they are.

The one of the left is from 'Mixed Doubles' and I love not only the protective hug Bodie is giving Doyle, but also the look on his face, which makes it quite clear he is not happy that his partner has been damaged. With the second one from 'Hunter Hunted', I have deliberately chosen to use the whole picture, not just the bit with Bodie and Doyle because the look on the girls faces as they stare at the way Bodie and Doyle are touching and gazing adoringly at one another is quite, quite telling.

Mixed Doubles hug  HH2z
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