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Favourite Pairings Pictures: TWW

This time rather than one of my main pairings and a common pairing overall, I am going with one of my minor pairings (I have only written one story about them and that's a short, angsty, non-happy ending one, even I can't make happy ever afters out of everything *g*) and a rare(ish) pairing overall.

The pictures (once again I offer two) are of Toby Ziegler and Sam Seaborn from The West Wing. Both pictures are from the same scene and it's when they are in effect saying goodbye to one another.

TS Look (450 x 253) TS Hug (450 x 253)
Tags: fandom: the west wing, nikki: pictures, pairing (slash): toby/sam, pictures: favourite pairings

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