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Now I know I'm utterly obsessed or is it devoted?

This is all the fault of toby_white_wolf; really it is.

As you know I'm doing the fanfic100 challenge for Gibbs/Ducky (what do you mean you didn't know *g*). A day or two ago, I posted my 91st story and the final nine are all 'in progress'. So what does one do when one gets to that stage?


It's like this...

I started to look around for more challenges. Yes, I know, I know, I am obsessed, insane, brave, and lots of other things - what can I say, I like a challenge.

As I said it is all toby_white_wolf's fault for finding such great challenges, signing up for them and posting the tables in her journal - I got hooked. (It had nothing to do with the promise of chocolate if I wrote more Gibbs/Ducky *g*)

So I signed up for four at the moment - no not 100 each (I'm not that mad); in fact none are 100. They add up to a mere 80 stories.

They are:

10_hurt_comfort - Oddly enough I don't really write that much h/c, so I thought ten would be a gentle challenge
20_1sttimes - I thought this would be a real challenge for me, because, as you know I much prefer established relationship stories.
philosophy_20 - I liked the prompts for this challenge
30_memories - I liked the prompts for this challenge

And yes, they are all Gibbs/Ducky.

And no I'm not looking at any other challenges? Ooops, Pinocchio time :-)

EDIT: I've now had my application for all four confirmed.
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