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Book Round-Up 2019

This is somewhat late in the day as we are already (already!) in the third week of January. With one thing and another I've been rather busy so far this year, thus I hadn't got around to doing a round-up.

ljbookbingo, the challenge that actually got me back into posting about books last year after a several year hiatus, did their own round-up post in which they asked several questions. Thus, I shall base part of my round-up on those (their questions & my answers are behind the cut).

2019 Overview
In 2019 I read seventy-eight books. I am not going to list them as I rather foolishly failed to keep an overall list as I read them - which is quite unlike me. Nonetheless, here is a link to all of the books and my reviews.

Of the seventy-eight books read, three were non-fiction - I don't tend to read a lot of non-fiction books, so three is probably about average for me. I tell myself I should read more, but then I tell myself reading isn't meant to be about 'what one should read' but about 'what one wants to read'. (Life and short).

Thirty-five of the books were re-reads, making forty-three new books. I do tend to re-read quite a lot of books, but this is rather more than I usually re-read, but it was down to my re-read of The Cat Who series, which consists of twenty-nine books.

Fifty-two books were part of series. In all I read four 'complete' (insofar as published) series:
- The Cat Who by Lilian Jackson Braun (all twenty-nine books).
- DI Nick Dixon books by Damien Boyd (nine books have been published thus far, but there are more to come).
- The Cordelia Grey books by P. D. James (two books).
- The Rule of One books by Ashley & Lesley Sanders (two books have been published thus far, but there is at least one more to come)

Twenty-three of the authors were new to me. One author in particular (Damien Boyd) has become a firm favourite and a couple of the others I shall hopefully at some point be reading more of their work.

Did you set yourself some goals for 2019?
- I wanted to find some new authors and new genres as well as re-read a couple of series.
- I had a goal of reading at least six books per month (72 in the year)

Did you achieve these goals?
- I did find new authors and new genres. However, I didn't manage my planned re-reads (mainly due to finding new authors)
- I finished the year having read 78 books; so yes, I did achieve my goal.

Did you manage to read more than expected? Technically, yes, I did manage to read slightly more books than my goal. However, I had hoped to read more.

Have you discovered new books, genres, authors, series and fell in love?
I have indeed.
- The Nick Dixon DI series by Damien Boyd is one such series.
- Another author, whom I read for the first time but plan to read more of, is Edward Marsters who write (amongst other series) 'The Railway Detective' series.
- A new author as well as a new genre is Darcy Coates, who writes 'gentle' horror.

Were you disappointed by some readings?
- One book in particular really disappointed me. In fact the only good thing I could say about it was that it had a gorgeous cover. It was The Christmas Egg: A Seasonal Mystery by Mary Kelly
- I was also disappointed in Aoife's Chariot by Katherine Pathak

Share everything about your year in reading!
- Thanks to ljbookbingo, I discovered several new authors as well as dipping into genres I would not normally read.
- I rediscovered my enjoyment of the Ruth Rendell Chief Inspector Wexford books and the Dick Francis books.

2020 Goals and/or Challenges
As ljbookbingo has decided not to do its challenge in the same way this year, but has decided to go with a challenge which is more like other book challenges which can be found on the internet and thus has increased the number of books to 50+ I shan't be doing it. Twenty-five books where I have to fit in my choice with a category is one thing, but over fifty, isn't for me.

Given how badly the year has started (I have only read one book thus far and that wasn't a long one, I have been reading fanfic instead of books) I'm going to set my reading goal at a mere fifty-two books, i.e. one a week.

I have the 'January blues' due to the fact that we still haven't actually got a winter to talk of - and I don't mean snow, I just mean cold, clear days with overnight frost and the nights seem to be getting lighter earlier so much more quickly this year. The constantly changing (by several degrees) temperatures are not easy to deal with.

Plus there are a couple of outstanding things over which I have no control that occupy my mind, even if I try not to think about them.

I haven't decided yet whether to write and post book reviews this year or not. We'll see.
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