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Internet Connection

Just to let you know, our Internet connection is 'flaky' today :-(

We know that BT are due to do some upgrading around this area at some time, and also that our ISP is continuing their on-going 'improvements', so either one, or indeed, both of these are happening today.

We weren't able to get on-line until about half an hour ago, and it's very slow and keeps coming and going - more than a little frustrating! So I probably won't be around much today on LJ or email, and I'm certainly not going to try YH! In fact as this constant coming and going is irritating me, I just might do one zip through LJ and then concentrate on writing for most of the day.

Am turning comments off, and I'm still not getting them - so there seems little point on this post.

Hopefully things will be back to 'normal' (whatever that might be) tomorrow.
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