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Doing well here with my obsession

I am thoroughly enjoying my television viewing at the moment. I have just obtained the Colditz series on DVD and thus am having a superb time watching DMc, and all the other stars of course - some of whom even I recognise (yes, londonronnie even I recognise them. And what makes it even more enjoyable is that hubby likes it too! In fact it was hubby who, a while ago, mentioned that he wished it would come out on DVD, or back on TV.

In fact thanks to hubby I've been enjoying a lot of DMc, as prior to us both watching Colditz, we worked out way through the Sapphire and Steel DVDs, and again they were his choice of watching! And today he sat down and watched an NCIS episode with me and definitely wants to see more.

So I am one very happy and contented person - as I'm sure fellow DMc fans can appreciate.
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