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Non-Book Bingo Book 51

Undeading Bells (Fred Book 6) by Drew Hayes

Undeading Bells

After surviving countless perils and dangers, including an examination by the Blood Council, Fred is preparing to take on his most important adventure to date: marrying Krystal. That is, if he can get everything handled in time. Visiting Boarback, hiring new staff, clearing out his schedule for a honeymoon; there’s no shortage of tasks to check off before the big day arrives.

But not everyone views the occasion in such a happy light. With new dangers looming, old debts raised, and grudges rekindled, it’ll take everything Fred has to finally make it down the aisle.

Fred is a vampire accountant and a good chap - in fact he's a very good chap, it's just that he gets mixed up in all kinds of non-good things - both relating to his parahuman and his human friends.

This is the sixth book in the 'Fred the Vampire Accountant' series and it's still going strong and a series that has not become stale or boring. The characters continue to develop in a very believable, realistic way - even those who are dead (and there are several of them in one dead form or another) continue to develop.

The Fred books contain a lot of parahumans living side by side with humans in America, in the here and now. As well as vampires, there are were-people (not just wolves), zombies, mages, dragons, necromancers, fey - to name but a few. Also those we still don't know quite what they are - or what their powers and the limit of their power are.

The Fred books are all enjoyable, fun to read, very well written, quirky, contain great characters, are well balanced in terms of good things and bad things and you know the good won't always prevail. They are feel good books. The irony of the books is that when he was alive Fred was a very boring, very quiet chap who never sought trouble - he still doesn't seek it; it finds him. In many ways he is still the Fred that was human, he just has vampire powers - oh and he is still a great accountant. Yes, he has kept and indeed increased his accountancy business.

Drew Hayes is, in my opinion, an extremely good writer - this is only one of his series, I've read at least one other and J has read more (in fact it was from J I leant about Fred).

If you like the paranormal that is fun and has good characters and well balanced between the nasty and the nice, then I really would recommend these books. I love them - the fact I broke off my Christmas reading to read this book when it came out a couple of weeks ago is evidence of that.
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