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Non-Book Bingo Book 43

Special Invitation (Coursodon Dimension Book 7) by M. L. Ryan

Special Invitation

Hailey has a lot on her plate, and not just wedding cake.

In addition to the marriage ceremony eagerly anticipated by the entire Coursodon Dimension, she must:

- Decide if the asshat who impregnated her mother and inelegantly wiped any memory of the coupling is worth finding.

- Control the inexplicable compulsion to form-bend at the strangest times.

- Identify why someone tried to attack her and Rachel in a Tucson back alley.

Special Invitation, the seventh book in the award-winning Coursodon Dimension series, combines urban fantasy, science fiction, supernatural suspense, a bit of romance, and a healthy dose of quirky humor.

I came across the first book in this series some four years ago. It has a very intriguing premise: Hailey discovers her new Kindle has arrived pre-loaded with a 240-year-old enforcer from another dimension. That caught my attention straight away. I loved it; it was quirky, different (very), had some great characters and was a real page turner. I quickly bought the next three books, all of which I really enjoyed.

However, we are now on the seventh book and I'm afraid I feel it's a series where the author has basically run out of ideas, but wants to keep the series going in order to make money. The book was really a non-event; nothing really happened; I was bored with it. Plus, Hailey loves sex and thinking about it and talking about it and all books involve quite a lot of sex - not in great detail - which isn't a problem, I hasten to add (even if it does get a little wearing). However, as the books have gone on, so has the number of times she thinks about sex, has sex, wants sex, to the point where it's just yawn-making. To be brutally honest the series had started to decline over the last couple of books, but this one really was  non-starter for me.

It's a great shame; the series started so well. But it really has gone downhill so much now. If I was rating it on Amazon I'd only be able to give this book a one-star. It's always a shame when a series you love takes such a huge down-turn.

I'd recommend the first few books without hesitation. But this last one, I'm afraid I wouldn't.
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