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Icon Posting Project

I saw this on paris7am's journal (Paris saw it on byslantedlight's journal) and I thought I might give it a go.

The Icon Posting Project was described by byslantedlight as: 'A post for every icon I've got on LJ! I'll use the icon, add it to my post, and write a bit about it and where it came from.'

Like Paris I shall add a few caveats to my 'project'.
- Firstly, I can't imagine for a moment I will use all of my icons as currently I have 456 (out of a possible 459). What can I say? I'm an icon addict *g* I don't want to bore people rigid, plus even if I posted an icon a day, it would still take me over a year to use them all. My current cunning plan is to share one icon from each category and/or pairing/fandom to begin with and then see how I go.
- Secondly, I have no idea which of my icons is my oldest; I know they appear on the 'manage user pics' page in the order in which I uploaded them. But I have in the past had a complete icon clear out and a re-upload.
- Thirdly, I don't know if the IPP is meant to be just your own icons, but I shall be using a mixture of mine and other people's, some of which were made for me and some of which I have snaggled.
- Fourthly, I am going to make it a weekly thing.

That's enough waffle; on with this weeks' icon.

This is one of the earliest icons I made for myself. It was also one of the first which I used text for. I had never experimented with any kind of photomanipulation until I discovered fandom and my early attempts show that. They were also made on a very old Microsoft's own photomanip program (PhotoDraw) and the quality of the finished results aren't that good. But we all have to experiment and learn. In all honesty, my later attempts aren't particularly good either (not when compared with true icon makers) but I had/have fun and that's what matters. 

I came across the picture I have used when browsing the web and immediately the word 'Ooops' came into my head as the dog had 'that' look that every dog owner will know. So I made it. I do remember it took quite a long time to do, even though all I did was crop the picture and add the words. It is quite a useful icon to use on any post that needs such a response. I don't get to use it that often (which is a good thing for more than one reason) but it sums things up nicely.
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