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30 Day Picture Challenge. Day 23

Post a picture that represents each of the following.

Day 01: Spring
Day 02: Summer
Day 03: Autumn
Day 04: Winter
Day 05: Easter
Day 06: Halloween
Day 07: Christmas
Day 08: Sea
Day 09: Sunrise/Sunset
Day 10: Mountains
Day 11: Sky
Day 12: Lightning
Day 13: Rainbow
Day 14: Moon
Day 15: Tree(s)
Day 16: Flower(s)
Day 17: Landscape
Day 18: Waterscape
Day 19: Domestic animal
Day 20: Farm animal
Day 21: Wild animal
Day 22: Mythological animal
Day 23: Garden bird
Day 24: Water bird
Day 25: Bird of prey
Day 26: Mythological bird
Day 27: Water creature
Day 28: Butterfly
Day 29: Book related
Day 30: Music related

Day 23: Garden bird


I love garden birds and there are so many wonderful ones, we get quite a few different ones in our garden. Thus trying to decide which of the many garden birds I love to chose for this question was quite a tough one. Even when I decided to go with my favourite garden bird: the robin, the choice was still difficult as I had to decide which picture to go with.

As to my mind the robin is at its most beautiful in a winter setting due to its colouring (not to mention the fact I love winter pictures) I have gone with a robin in winter picture and I thought this one was a particularly splendid picture
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