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Tennis at Queens

Five months after hip surgery (hip replacements really a have improved in leaps and bounds over the years) Andy Murray is once again not only back on the tennis courts, but in a final at Queens. It's not singles, he says his hip isn't ready for that yet, instead he teamed up with Feliciano Lopez (Spain) and they are through to the doubles final today.

To his surprise, as well as most other people's, Lopez in in the singles finals as well - showing that age really doesn't matter (he's 37). In fact the combined ages of the chaps playing in the singles final is 71. Lopez had to play two full matches and finish of another match yesterday and played them all back to back with a mere six and a half minutes break, in order to change his clothes, between his singles semi and the resumption of the men's quarters that had had to stop on Friday for bad light (which was somewhat amusing for all concerned given Friday was the longest day of the year). Once they had wrapped that match up (beating two Brits) he and Andy stayed on court and awaited their semi final opponents. All in all Lopez spent over five hours on court yesterday and in all honesty looked as if he could have played for another five hours.

I've always liked Feliciano Lopez and I would love to see him do the double today and of course it would be wonderful and very fitting given he's won the singles at Queens five times, if Andy could win a doubles' title on his return to competitive tennis. Whether he does or not, he has proved he is once again fit and able to compete and what's more he is completely pain free - which must be absolutely wonderful for him.

He's also playing men's doubles at Wimbledon and is hoping to find a partner to play mixed doubles will as well. He showed what a lovely chap he is when he opted to use his protected ranking status at Queens, thus enabling him and Feliciano to get straight into the tournament without him having to accept a wild card, because he didn't want to deprive a fellow Brit of getting one. He's also said any partner he plays doubles with must be able to get into the draw without needing a wild card for the same reason. It's not many people who would do that as protected ranking is obviously important when looking forward.

Today I will be cheering Feliciano (who this week has become an honorary Brit' due to his teaming up with Andy) on in the singles and then again in the doubles.
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