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Non-Book Bingo Books 09

Murder by Matchlight by E. C. R. Lorac

Murder by Matchlight

London. 1945. The capital is shrouded in the darkness of the blackout, and mystery abounds in the parks after dusk.

During a stroll through Regents Park, Bruce Mallaig witnesses two men acting suspiciously around a footbridge. In a matter of moments, one of them has been murdered; Mallaig's view of the assailant but a brief glimpse of a ghastly face in the glow of a struck match.

The murderer's noiseless approach and escape seems to defy all logic, and even the victim's identity is quickly thrown into uncertainty. Lorac's shrewd yet personable C.I.D. man MacDonald must set to work once again to unravel this near-impossible mystery.

This is the second E. C. R. Lorac I have read and I'm delighted I still have two more of her books on my Kindle and I see BLCC are publishing another one in July. This makes me very happy as she is an excellent writer.

As with the previous book of hers I read, she is able to transport you to the time and place of the book, she makes you feel you are there and experiencing the sights, sounds and emotions of the time and place.

It was fascinating seeing war time London and how different people dealt with and came to terms with the bombings, air raids, bomb shelters, the deaths, rationing, etc. How they went on living their lives and accepting the hand fate had dealt them and being so positive.

MacDonald was an excellent character; I really liked him. And the mystery was definitely near-impossible and fascinating to unravel and discover who, what, how and why. All the characters were excellent in fact and all were very well written and very real and a very good mixture. It was also interesting to look back into some of the characters' pasts. It certainly kept me guessing as to who and why.

It was an extremely good book as as with the previous book I reviewed, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
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