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New Site Scheme - Again

LJ have revised the beta site scheme in accordance with some of the feedback received.

1. It should work on 800x600 without objects stepping all over each other.
2. The redundancy of links has been minimized. The links under "View Your" have been integrated into the menus.
3. Many of you said that FAQ search was something that you often used, and that locating the link only in the footer was an inconvenience. We didn't create a new menu for it, but we integrated FAQ search into the global search box a few weeks ago.
4. Many of you said that you really missed having the friends filter readily available, so we added that to the Friends menu.
5. The pencil is back! YAY. Removing the pencil was always intended to be temporary because we wanted to fit in the feedback link, but so many of you were worried about the pencil, and we were really moved. :)
6. As for the looks, there were a lot of differing opinions,. Some people loved it. Others hated it. The text is too big. The text is too small. It's too blue. It's not nearly blue enough. WTF Arial?!! Eek. We took a shot at making some improvements. Hopefully, it doesn't turn you into stone when you look at it.

The fact that they won't create a new menu for FAQs strikes me as being very odd indeed. I for one do not believe that it's intuitive to toddle off to the search box to search the FAQs. If you want help, a lot of the time you're not really sure what you want until you see the list of possibles. Yes, you can do that, by going to the bottom of the page, but if you're on a laptop or need a lower resolution, then it won't appear on the screen, you have to scroll. I know that a lot of people look for FAQs as part of their 'first impressions' of a site. So given that they did seem to incorporate a fair bit of 'many of you said' items, I'm surprised they didn't do it with FAQs.

For more details go here: The New Site Scheme is official. Or, if you just want to see what it now looks like go to Browse Preferences and select 'Beta Navigation'.

I still do not have a definitive answer as to whether XColibur and Dystopia will continue to exist. I asked burr86 if he could find out, after he said he didn't know for certain, and it's gone silent on that front. To me that answers the question, but as I said before that could just be my cynical mind at work.
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