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30 Day Picture Challenge. Day 09

Post a picture that represents each of the following.

Day 01: Spring
Day 02: Summer
Day 03: Autumn
Day 04: Winter
Day 05: Easter
Day 06: Halloween
Day 07: Christmas
Day 08: Sea
Day 09: Sunrise/Sunset
Day 10: Mountains
Day 11: Sky
Day 12: Lightning
Day 13: Rainbow
Day 14: Moon
Day 15: Tree(s)
Day 16: Flower(s)
Day 17: Landscape
Day 18: Waterscape
Day 19: Domestic animal
Day 20: Farm animal
Day 21: Wild animal
Day 22: Mythological animal
Day 23: Garden bird
Day 24: Water bird
Day 25: Bird of prey
Day 26: Mythological bird
Day 27: Water creature
Day 28: Butterfly
Day 29: Book related
Day 30: Music related

Day 09: Sunrise/Sunset


I love sunrises and sunsets, they can be so spectacular and so very beautiful. Be it in winter, spring, summer, autumn, over sea, trees, fields, buildings, towns or cities, they enhance every setting. How can I possibly chose just one picture? Methinks I may have to do this meme at least once more *g*

I have chosen to go with the above, party because it was the first one I decided to go with (I may have selected several more after that *g*), but also because it's another reflection photo, which as I've mentioned before I really,  really love. Plus, it's over water, which makes it extra stunning.
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