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Banned Books

I am having some problems finding a book that at some point in its history was banned (for the ljbookbingo . Or rather, I'm not having problems finding a banned book per se, I have found dozens and dozens of books that have, at some point in some place or other, been banned, what I am having problems if finding one I actually want to read.

I have always said I will read Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Bell Jar and have both on my Kindle. However, I'm not really sure I want to read a deeply depressing or down-beat book at this time.

My back-up if all else fails and I can't find a suitable book is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as that was banned in certain states when it first came out. However, as I said in regards to my 'title at least six words long' post, although I do plan to read the HP series again this year, I wasn't necessarily planning on reading it at this point, besides, I'd rather like to read something new to me.

I guess I could opt for Lady Chatterley's Lover which I have read in the past but can't say I was that enamoured of and hadn't intended to reread it and if I am going to reread a book I might as well opt for something I haven't read before. OTOH, maybe I would find it more enjoyable second time around.

So in short (well shortish) does anyone have any banned books they could recommend? Fiction, please.
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