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Book the fourth

Set in own Country

This book is not just set in the country in which I live, but also in the county; plus it is written by a local author. Do I get extra points for this? *g*

Northumberland Folk Tales by Malcolm Green

Book - Nothumberland Folk Tales

This lively and entertaining collection of folk tales from Northumberland is rich in stories tall and true, ancient and recent, dark and funny, powerful and fantastical. Discover where dragons walked, horses flew, and fairy folk guarded the creatures of the moors. Read about how the Deurgar lures the lost traveller and goads him to an unfortunate fate, and the werms that reside in the wells of unsuspecting villagers. Featuring kings and queens, fairies and giants, witches and warriors, dragons and poachers, the characters in the book are brought to life by professional storyteller Malcolm Green, and are as rugged and powerful as the landscape they stride. Richly illustrated with 30 unique drawings, these enchanting tales will appeal to young and old, and can be enjoyed by readers time and again.

Originally I was going to simply opt for a crime story set in England - which wouldn't be hard to find. However, I was wandering through Amazon (looking for a nice, local book for J's upcoming 70th) when I found this book and thought it would fit really well into the 'set in own country' category.

It's a fun book, one I enjoyed and got drawn into and one from which I learnt things. He's a good writer and knows how to tell a story (I've just discovered he is a lecturer at Newcastle University, runs storytelling workshops and a founding member of local storytelling group, which probably explains why he can tell a good story.

The book is an easy, relaxing, non-challenging read and you get drawn into each little tale and the setting. I knew a lot of the areas, mostly by name, and so that was, for me, a big part of why I enjoyed the book. I guess that is often the case when you are reading something local. My one complaint about the book is that I would have liked fewer tales but for them to be longer. That said, it is indeed, for me, a book that can be read again. In fact I am considering getting a 'real' book just so that I can enjoy the illustrations, which of course you can't really take advantage of when reading on a Kindle.
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