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Australian Open Quarter Finals - Part 2

It's four for four. Today both Novak Djokovic and Naomi Osaka won their respective quarter finals.

I didn't get to see either match because of the timing of them. However, Osaka won in straight sets and the score line looks as if it was a comfortable win whereas Djokovic won in a set and a half after his opponent (Nishikori) retired down a set and four games in the second.

Thus, I am, in theory, still on for all four players being in the finals. I am, however, still not counting any chickens.

Rafa, Petra & Naomi all play tomorrow - however, once again due to scheduling I won't actually be able to watch either lady as they are playing when I'll be asleep, which is something of a shame, but can't be helped.

Rafa, however, I shall be able to watch and hopefully enjoy seeing him win. He is up against one of the up-and-coming new generation of players and the young chap who beat Roger Federer. Having watched Tsitsipas play, I have to say that part of me actually does think an upset could be on the cards. The young man plays extremely well and, very importantly, doesn't seem bothered by the occasion or by whom he is playing. We'll see.
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