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Okay, why not?

Apparently this is doing the rounds. It has been duly snaggled from spikesgirl58

* Tattoos: None.

* Ever hit a deer: No.

* Ridden in an ambulance: Yes.

* Sang karaoke: No way!

* Ice skated: Nope.

* Ridden a motorcycle: No. I had a chance once to be a passenger, but was too scared.

* Stayed in hospital: Oh, yes.

* Skipped school: Of course not!

* Last phone call : My mother, on Saturday.

* Last text from: I don't text.

* Watched someone die: No.

* Pepsi or coke: Neither.

* Favourite Pie: I'm not really a pie person, but I'll go with apple.

* Favourite pizza: I don't really have one. But maybe mushroom & pepperoni.

* Favourite season: Winter. I bet that fooled you all *g*

* Broken bones: Yes.

* Received a ticket: I'm guessing this means to do with driving/parking. Nope.

* Favourite colour: Blue.

* Sunset or sunrise: Tough one. I love both. However, if pushed - sunset.
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