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I'm a morning person, but am I that much of a morning person?

I've been lucky the last two times Rafa has played as he's been scheduled for the night session, which fits in nicely with our morning. However, tomorrow he is scheduled to play during the day session, the last match of the day session, beginning not earlier than 3:30 a.m. my time. It could, if either of both of the ladies' matches on court before him, be later than that, thus if I did decide to wake up, I could be awake for some time unnecessarily. If anything, the whole not sure what time it might start is probably the biggest factor against a very early morning wake-up.

There's no reason why I shouldn't watch it, my time is my own and it won't bother J if I decide to do so. Plus, it's not even as if I have to get up-up as I can watch from the comfort of my bed, nonetheless it is dreadfully early. Although, in my NCIS heyday, I used to be up, watching & reviewing around that time(ish) and that did involved being up-up.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Bad AO order of play people for doing this to me *g*
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