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A writing meme

Here's another 'golden oldie' meme which I have had in my 'to do at some point' file for about six months.

It was another one I snaggled from spikesgirl58. I haven't written for quite some time, nonetheless I thought I'd do the meme.

1. What’s the nicest thing someone has ever said about your writing?
It was from a gay chap, an older man, who along with his partner and their circle of gay friends, read my Gibbs/Ducky stories. The thing that really made me happy was when he told me that the thing they liked so much about my slash stories was that I wrote the men having gentle, loving sex and also showed one another how much they cared for one another in general. He said for him and his partner and friends that was very realistic - far more so than a lot of stories where he felt the writer was writing it as they thought all gay men had sex.

Every couple is different and I'm quite sure there are gay men who don't have gentle sex nor are they openly caring towards one another. However, having been criticised a few times by other female writers for writing gentle sex, it was nice to be told from a gay man that what I wrote was realistic.

2. Do you listen to music when you write or does music inspire you? If so, which band or genre of music does it for you?
I did tend to listen to music when I wrote and was inspired by quite a lot of songs to write stories based on the song. There's no particular band or singer I find inspiring. As for genre of music it's mainly been easy listening, quite often love songs with a tinge (or more than a tinge) or sadness in them or country music.

3. Do you write oneshots, multi-chapter fics or huuuuuge epics?
Yes :-)

I know, I know (eyes J) I shouldn't answer 'yes' to what is essentially an 'either/or' question. However, I have written all of these.

4. What’s the word count on your longest fic?
125,609. It was the story I wrote for NaNoWriMo in 2008. And it was written (albeit not edited) during the month of November. It's a Gibbs/Ducky story.

5. Do you write drabbles? If so, what do you normally write them about?
Yes. In fact I went through a stage where I pretty much wrote nothing but drabbles. Having challenged myself via another 'meme' to write a drabble, something I never believed I could do as I always wrote pretty long stories, I found I really enjoyed capturing an entire story in 100 words.

I write them about the same characters/situations as I write longer stories about - they are just a lot more condensed.

6. What’s your favourite genre to write?
I have written het and gen. However, slash is my favourite genre.

7. First person or third person - what do you write in and why?
Again, yes. I have written both.

I've written far more third person than first person stories. However my Raffles/Bunny and Holmes/Watson stories are all written in the first person.

As for why I write as I do. Well with the exception of Raffles and Holmes where I deliberately write in first person because the original canon stories are in first stories, I generally don't tend to make a conscious decision whether to write first or third person. It just kind of happens. Sometimes I do make a conscious decision, but not all the time. I find that some stories lend themselves far more naturally to first person and some to third person.

8. Do you use established canon characters or do you create OCs?
For the most part I use established canon characters. However, I have created a few regular occurring OCs - two in my Gibbs/Ducky stories and two in my Raffles/Bunny school stories.

When there was a small, but dedicated regular group of people writing Gibbs/Ducky I was asked if the OCs I had created could be used by my fellow Gibbs/Ducky writers. Thus they appear in a few stories beyond my own.

9. What is you greatest strength as a writer?
That's a very tough question. I suppose it depends if I'm answering from my personal opinion as a writer or from what others have said about my stories.

When it comes to my own personal opinion, the thing I see as being my greatest strength is one others writers would tut at and some would find an illogical choice. For me it's the ability to write the finished article from the off - typos/punctuation/grammar/tweaks aside that is. I don't write drafts, thus what I write is what 'you' get. Of course I edit and the story gets at least two read throughs looking for typos, etc. But I don't rewrite swathes of stuff or in some case the entire story.
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