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LJ Notifications

Or rather no LJ notifications.

It looks as though it's once again 'my turn' for LJ to tell me my email address is no longer valid, thus I don't receive LJ notifications via email.

So far I have revalidated it twice and I'll keep doing that until miraculously the problem will fix itself and I'll be validated until the next time. This is about the fourth time it's happened in the couple or three (or possibly more, I lose track of time) years. Annoying as it is, so far it has always ended up fixed, i.e. I don't get the weekly 'Your email address is no longer valid' link at the top of my journal.

Thus, if I haven't replied to any comment you have left on any of my posts or on any of your posts, that is why. I have been working my way back through my posts, so hopefully I have caught any I haven't replied to. However, if I haven't replied, you know why.

I shall turn back on the option to have notifications sent to my  LJ inbox - and hopefully I'll even remember to look at it *g* What I am not going to do though, LJ, is give in and change my email address to a Google mail or Yahoo or Hotmail address. I shall prevail *cackles*
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