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Just to let you know

After today I'm not going to be around very much for a week as J's mother is coming up to stay with us for several days.

It'll be more than a little tiring because although we do get on very well and she's a dear lady (no one would believe she's 92, she's amazing, in fact she's flying up), she's also very deaf, and raising one's voice constantly is tiring. And I also find that any change to routine and having someone else around is quite difficult. Nonetheless it'll be lovely to see her - and hopefully the weather will keep fine and we will be able to go out to one or two places.

I hope to be able to get on-line for a little while each day, maybe first thing in the morning, but it won't be for long. I shall miss my day-to-day contact and friends very much. If anyone needs to contact me urgently or wants me to see something in particular, then drop me an email and direct my attention to it.

I hope you all have a good week. I would say 'have fun' and 'behave', but those may be contradictory statements :-)
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