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A bit more silliness

Snaggled (as usual) from spikesgirl58

Quiz: If You Can Get A 10/15 On This Test You Must Be A Med Student

100% - You're Definitely A Med Student!

YES! You got 100%! You must be a medical student, because you got all of these questions correct!
You are not scared of blood, and you know things like how many taste buds our tongues have or how much water is in the human body.
Thank you for studying all night and working endless hours to make sure we are safe and healthy! We owe you!

*Blinks* Um, nope, not a medical student, nor did I do Biology beyond 'O' level. Obviously though things stick and I've picked up 'stuff' over the years *g* I confess I was a tad surprised to see I managed 100% I thought I'd do okay, but not quite that good.
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