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A meme

Snaggled from spikesgirl58

Who were you in a previous life?

You Were A War Nurse!
You are caring, understanding and a quick thinker! Your deep compassion led you to become a nurse, and your big heart and sharp mind was put to use during the war! Your soul has seen the unthinkable, but ultimately that experience made you the kind, empathetic person you have become.

*Blinks* *Blinks again*
Um, no way! I was one of those 'strange' little girls who never, ever, ever, not even for a fleeting second of a fleeting second wanted to be a nurse.

I did find several questions somewhat difficult to answer as I wanted to say 'none of the above' and for at least one there wasn't even an answer that was close to what I would want to say/think/do.
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