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More on our latest viewings

Monday was quite successful insofar as we found two properties (about three doors apart) in which we could both happily live. In fact we have asked our hastily found (we needed a Scottish one) Solicitor to note our interest in both; which means that if anything happens on either, we shall be informed.

Both of them needed minor things doing to them, including making the shower larger and this could be done easily in either property, and the odd bit of decorating (repainting the 'Barbie' room), but basically both were in 'move in' condition.

We are seeing three more properties - including the one in Bannockburn - over the next few days, and plan to return to see the above two properties hopefully on Sunday. At that point we feel that we shall either be in a position to make an offer on something, or at least to have our search for an area narrowed down even further.
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