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Today I changed my LJ theme as I do three times a year and as I have done for the last umpteen years. I have all the different colour codes to hand, etc. so changing is pretty easy. And I also change my LJ header picture.

However, today something seems to have go awry with the header picture - well the space for it. The picture is there, but it is hidden by the journal itself.

I didn't change the CSS coding as I didn't need to but something has happened. I have even copy & pasted CSS coding from a couple of my comms that have pictures that are showing, but despite the picture showing on the comms, even with the code copied it won't show on my journal. As I said I didn't touch the CSS so I can't see how that could have had an impact.

I know with all coding one teeny, tiny, little can mess everything up and I'm guessing it is something really simple in that respect. I have checked all the 'codes' for the various colours against the screen-grab I have and use each year. But to my eyes it's the same - but I know only too well how you see what you expect to be there.

My biggest problem is I don't know for what I am looking really and given I haven't done anything different from what I do three times each year I don't know where to begin to put things right.

I have spent a couple of hours just looking at this and trying small things, all to no avail so I thought I'd turn to my flist who knows all.

Can someone who knows about coding, etc. venture a suggestion as to what I might, possibly have done/inadvertently changed/what spurious bit of coding I may have inadvertently put in? I'm sure it must be something really, really simple, I just don't know what it could be.

I use the theme Component and the bit of coding I have in the Custom CSS part of customising the theme is:

Body {
margin-top: 550px !important;

It was working perfectly prior to me changing the colour scheme.

Help someone, please.
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