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TV Question thingy

Snaffled from this_years_me

1. What was the first TV show you remember loving?

Goodness me. *Casts mind back in time*

I think that would be General Hospital (no, not the American one).

It aired over here in the UK in the 1970s and I really loved it. They have 'recently' found some of the old episodes still in viewable format and have brought out some DVDs. I have them in my Amazon shopping basket and one day will probably succumb to the lure of them. The danger with that is they might not be as wonderful as I remember them being - although other shows The Professionals, for example, are so why shouldn't General Hospital be as good?

2. What was the last TV show you watched every episode of?

As in all the way through from start to finish? Um. Gosh, it's actually been quite some time since we have done that - which is jolly unusual for us. I think it was quite possibly The Adam Dalgliesh Mysteries staring Roy Marsden.

3. What was the last TV show you watched entirely on-line?

I don't watch stuff on-line.

4. What was the last TV show you gave up on before it ended?

*Thinks carefully* In all honesty I can't think of anything. I either give up on something within the first few minutes or occasionally at the end of the first episode or I watch it until the bitter end *g* We haven't watched Doctor Who for quite some time, but I wouldn't say that has been 'given up on', we just haven't got around to getting the DVDs.

5. What's the one TV show you can always watch reruns of, no matter how many times you've seen them?

There are quite a few. Once I love a show; I really love a show and part of that is rewatching and rewatching and rewatching. How does one choose just one show? I shall be good and do that thing and I'll go with The Professionals.

6. Who is your favourite late-night host, past or present? Who is your favourite TV quiz show host, past or present?

As I don't watch late-night TV shows with hosts, I decided to change the question to 'favourite quiz show host' (stop laughing, caffyolay). And the answer to that is simple: Alexander Armstrong.

7. What is your all-time favourite cartoon or animated series?

I'm not a huge cartoon or animated series fan. However, I will go for the remake of Danger Mouse with Alexander Armstrong voice Danger Mouse *g*

8. What is your all-time favourite reality show?

I don't watch reality shows per se. However, if we can expand it a tad to include cookery competitions then it's MasterChef: The Professionals. It's currently hosted by Marcus Wareing (eyes caffyolay), Monica Galetti & Gregg Wallace and I think it's the best of the 'MasterChef' shows - even if one if left somewhat concerned at times by the standard of some of the 'professional' chefs taking part. (Note to self: catch up on the current series).

9. What is your biggest guilty pleasure show?

I try hard to avoid the term 'guilty pleasure' as life is too short and no one should feel guilty of watching anything that makes them happy, no matter what other people might think of it.

However, for the purposes of this I shall 'play the game'. It's Location, Location, Location, a property buying show presented by Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp. Actually, I like a lot of property buying shows, but Kirstie & Phil's is by far the best and that's partly down to their wonderful on-screen chemistry, they make the shows such fun - and we always find out what happened, if the people did buy or not (something you can't say for most of the other shows).

10. Who is your all-time favourite TV character?

Goodness me, what a hard question. 'All-time' is jolly hard for me to relate to, to be honest. I guess if we base it on someone whom I love today as much as I did when the show first aired (late 1970s) then it has to be Ray Doyle from The Professionals.

11. What TV character can you most relate to?

This is another extremely hard question. Here I think I'll go with Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard from NCIS.

12. What TV apartment/house would you choose to live in if money/location/logic made no difference?

Ummm. I can honestly, hand on heart, say I have never watched a show and thought 'wow, I'd love to live there'. Really, my brain clearly doesn't work that way.

So how about this: I'll go with the TARDIS because that way I could whiz around the world and visit all my lovely friends and see places I would love to see and also have it set up in a way I find really, really comfortable.

13. Who is your all-time biggest TV crush?

Again, I don't really have an 'all-time' thing. So I'll go with my 'current' one (the one I've had for quite some time now). Yes, it's him again *g* Alexander Armstrong.

14. What is your all-time favourite TV theme song or opening sequence?

Suicide is Painless, the theme tune from M*A*S*H. I loved the song way, way, way back in the day even before I had seen/knew about the show.

15. What is your all-time favourite comedy? (Limit yourself to 3 if you must)

This isn't that easy but . . . .

Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime/Minister
Jeeves & Wooster

16. What is your all-time favourite drama? (Limit yourself to 3 if you must)

Meep. This is ever harder - five would have been a much kinder number. However . . .

The Professionals
Midsomer Murders

(Aren't I being good limiting it to the three? *g*)

17. What are your top three "TV blind spots"—the famous/seminal shows you’ve never seen?

Game of Thrones
Stargate: Atlantis

18. What TV show do you insist everyone you know should watch?

I'm not going to insist, as we all like different things. However, if you like quiz shows, then you really could do far, far worse than give Pointless a chance. Not only is it a great quiz show (with a difference), the interaction between Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman is absolutely wonderful. You can really tell they have been close friends since they were eighteen (almost thirty years).

19. What show cancellation broke your heart?

'Broke my heart' is somewhat strong. However, I was rather miffed that Sapphire & Steel ended as is did leaving Sapphire & Steel trapped. It wasn't meant to end in that way and it wasn't cancelled as such, it just fell through the cracks when the various advert showing TV stations (the 'ITV' ones) were going through major changes and somehow it just got forgotten about.

20. What TV moment makes you cry every time?

Again there are plenty. However, the one I'm going with is at the end of Season Two of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer where Buffy has just had to send Angel to hell in order to save the world seconds after he changed back to Angel from Angelus. The bit with her walking through Sunnydale all alone and seeing the 'Scooby Gang' all together before she heads off on a bus and all to the haunting Full Of Grace by Sarah McLachlan.

Even just thinking about it makes my eyes fill up and my throat constrict.

That was fun - hard, but fun.
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