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Which fandom thefridayfive

This weeks questions from the thefridayfive

1.) What fandom do you centre on most?

NCIS - or more specifically Gibbs/Ducky

2.) Do you contribute to it much (write fanfiction, draw fan art, participate in on-line communities and discussions)?

I've currently written 82 stories, am doing the fanfic100 challenge, and am already looking around to see what I can do when I've finished my 100 stories.
I've written a ship_manifesto essay
I've just finished two idol_reflection essays
I own and Moderate ncis_gibbsducky which is quite a busy Community, given the relatively small membership, with stories, artwork, graphic, songvids, challenges (writing and graphics), polls, episode reviews/discussions and other discussions going on.
I also own and Co-Moderate a Yahoo Group: NCIS_GibbsDucky
I make basic graphics: icons, colour bars, banners, wallpaper.

3.) Do you think that such things are good or harmful to the fandom and why?

I think such things are good for fandom, as it brings the fans together and gives them a shared purpose, and it's fun to share, exchange ideas, etc.

4.) Do you think its good or harmful for the original creator?

I don't believe it is harmful to the original creator, as such. We aren't making any money from it, we don't claim to own the characters, we are writing, drawing, etc. about the characters, we love. I think that fandom actually helps the original creator as it brings people into the show who otherwise might not have discovered it.

5.) Why do you like this fandom in particular?

Although I woudn't necessarily say that I'm in NCIS fandom per se as much as I'm in Gibbs/Ducky fandom, I do feel that generally, with only a handful of exceptions, the NCIS fandom overall is a very pleasant place to be. There are multiple pairings, and as such the vast majority of people are mutually respectful of other people's choices. There aren't the fandom wars or nastiness that I have seen in other fandoms.

The Gibbs/Ducky side in particular is a wonderful place to be. We are a small group, but a dedicated one, and although we haven't met one another, I feel that we all feel that we are friends rather than just on-line acquaintances. We are close knit, and have an enjoyable time, and it's a superb fandom in which to be involved. There's no bitchiness or one-upmanship, or 'I'm right/you're wrong', I'm better than you, or heated arguments. If we do disagree over anything it's always done in a friendly, fun, respectful way. It's a pleasure to be involved with the ladies in this small corner of fandom. What is also lovely is how my other dear friends, who aren't into this pairing/fandom are happy for me because I've found a pairing that makes me so happy.
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