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Wimbledon 2017 - The day after

Well Wimbledon is over for another year, what am I going to do with my days now? As always I have 'post-tennis blues' and can't really settle to much and have changed the playlist on my iPod three times already and have given up for now.

Yesterday's men's final wasn't anywhere near as competitive or close as I had thought, expected and hoped it would be - which is rather a shame. The whole thing was done and dusted in an hour and forty-one minutes in three sets and it all felt a bit muted. The result was the foregone conclusion I said it would be, with Roger Federer once again lifting the trophy and thus sealing his place in the history books (yet again) with this eighth Wimbledon and 19th grand slam. *Doffs cap to a superb champion*

Federer was in imperious form, playing sublime tennis when he had to do so, making the hard look oh-so-very-easy (as he always does), gliding about the court, hitting seemingly impossible winners. He was in control from the first to the last ball and never for even a fraction of a fraction of a fleeting second was there any doubt about who would win. And Federer did out and out win the match.

Cilic simply couldn't live with him. Yes, he was injured; he has a very nasty, large blister on the ball of his foot. I know a blister doesn't really sound like much - but when you're trying to run, serve and just move at a fast pace, when you are trying to play tennis it really is something. The pain and the fact it was causing him mobility problems clearly got to Cilic and he broke down in tears at one point - in fact I honestly thought the match was going to be over at the beginning of the second set. And the whole sense of the occasion sadly seemed to get to him. Not the fact he was playing on the Centre Court in a Wimbledon final so much as he could not compete at the level he wanted and need to on the Centre Court in a Wimbledon final. He did his best, he tried, he carried on playing when others would have quit; he gave everything he could - but it was never going to be enough.

But that mustn't take anything away from Federer's win. He would have beaten Cilic anyway, no matter how long the match had gone on for; he was playing so very, very well. Even in the moments when Cilic was playing lights-out tennis, Federer was there playing lights-out-plus tennis. How he plays like that at a week or so shy of 36 I don't think anyone knows.

He didn't just dominate this year's final from the first ball to the last; he dominated the entire tournament from the first ball to the last. He was a truly worthy and deserving winner. Many congratulations to Roger Federer on a simply superb win.

The Mixed Doubles final didn't go to the three sets I thought and hoped it would go to, but was still an enjoyable match. There wasn't quite as many smiles and quite as many giggles and none of the players were as relaxed and clearly-having-fun as they had been in all the other matches, but they were still enjoying themselves, they were all happy to be out there and there no one sulked or got upset when his or her partner made a mistake.

Jamie & Martina won in straight sets and were worthy winners and it was lovely to see Jamie take another Mixed Doubles title ten years after he won his first with Jelana Jankovic (I honestly can't believe it was ten years ago - it's super scary how fast time goes). And I certainly got the impressing that whilst Heather & Henri were clearly a bit disappointed at being runners-up, they weren't deeply disappointed and were in fact happy and proud of what they had achieved - as they should be.

On a personal note what made the Mixed Doubles extra enjoyable for me was that J watched it with me - and not only watched it, but wanted to watch it and even asked when matches were on *g* That was lovely.


Men's Singles: Roger Federer (Switzerland)
Ladies' Singles: Garbine Muguruza (Spain)
Men's Doubles: Lukasz Kubot (Poland) & Marcelo Melo (Brazil)
Ladies' Doubles: Ekaterina Mackarova (Russia) & Elena Vesina (Russia)
Mixed Doubles: Jamie Murray (UK) & Martina Hingis (Switzerland)

Onto 2018 *g*
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