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Wimbledon 2017 - Day 09

Yesterday was, for me, a very good day.

Novak won his should-have-been-played-the-night-before match in straight sets, thus getting through to the quarter finals today. On the down side he looked less than happy, somewhat out of sorts and it appears his shoulder injury might have flared up again. He was also clearly not happy (and quite rightly so) having to play his match on ladies' quarter finals day when he should have and could have played it the day before - like all the other men. However, that aside; he is into today's quarter finals.

In the ladies' quarters, Jo Konta beat Simona Halep in three sets - which delighted me and surprised me; I had, as I said yesterday, expected Halep to win. It was a jolly hard fought match with Halep winning the first set, before Jo levelled in the second to take it to a third. Both ladies had their chances to win the match and it was another match when really either could have won; there were chances on both sides. Going into the third set I had thought it could go on and on and even rival Rafa & Muller's match for the length of the final set. But that turned out not to be the case.

It's a shame it ended on a bit of a strange note, with Halep seeming to react to a cry from the crowd and thus hit her shot into the net. But these things do happen and have happened many times. I'm not just saying that because Jo is a Brit, I would have said the same had it been the other way around and it's something I've seen before. No matter how hard the umpire tries you can't keep the crowd totally silent. I do think Jo would have won anyway, as by that stage she did seem to have the upper hand.

One of my second level favourites, Garbine Muguruza also won her match, winning in straight sets - this was a match I had expected to go to three, so that shows what a lousy predictor I am *g* I would love to see a Garbine vs. Jo final.

As for the other two quarter finals. I admit I wasn't that bothered. There wasn't a player I really liked not any I disliked, so I would have been happy with whoever won.

Today brings us men's quarters with Andy, Novak and Roger in action (sadly no Rafa but there you go) along with Muller, Berdych, Cilic, Raonic & Querrey. I honestly don't think there's an out-and-out callable match. I do think that we have something that rarely happens, a situation where any of the eight men can win.

Four of them (Andy, Novak, Roger & Cilic) are Grand Slam winners; two of them (Raonic & Berdych) have been in Grand Slam finals (both here at Wimbledon); Querrey put Novak out last year and Muller put Rafa out this year. All of them are playing well, all of them have had tough matches and all of them know how to win - which is important.

We could have four highly competitive, intensely fought, entertaining and close matches. OTOH, we could have four easily won matches *g* I think the two most competitive and closest matches will be between Roger & Raonic (a repeat of last year's semi finals) and Novak & Berdych (a repeat of a semi finals (I think it was semis) in 2010).

Once again sadly, Wimbledon have shown favouritism and to my mind unfairness by putting Andy & Roger yet again on Centre Court - where they have played all their matches this Wimbledon. This really isn't the 'done' thing at Wimbledon; all top players expect to play at least one match on Court One. However, this year Wimbledon have made it clear they want the final to be between Andy & Roger. Or at least that is how it seems - and not just to me; I've seen a lot of comments about the fact. Now maybe Wimbledon are, like the US Open, being driven by the power of TV to put certain people on a certain court. Fine, but let them be honest about that. The US Open are open about the fact that the TV networks to a large extent drives their scheduling.

That minor niggle aside. I hope it will be a good day with four hard fought matches where four men (whoever they be) emerge as winners. Yes, of course I have my favourites, the men I hope will win - but I'll be happy with well fought, competitive matches. And for once I am not making any predictions are far as who might win.
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