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Wimbledon 2017 - Day 08

Yesterday was a mixed day for me as whilst Andy & Jo did both win, and Roger comfortably won a match I thought would be close, several of my second level favourites went out and the biggest upset of all (for the day and for me) was Rafa going out in a five set match.

To be honest I thought he was going to go out in straight sets (as I said to caffyolay) as when I started to watch him he seemed really, really out of sorts, very un-Rafa-like. And he did lose the first two sets. However, he came back and was the Rafa of this Wimbledon in sets three & four and given he then had the impetus I did think he would prevail. However, Muller, whose standards had dropped a bit during sets three & four once again upped his game, Rafa's dropped a tiny bit (he failed to convert several break points which would have left him serving for the match) and in the end Muller won 15:13 in the final set.

Minutes before they came onto court Rafa, whilst doing his off-court warm-up routine, which involves jumping up and down several times, managed to smash his head as he somewhat foolishly chose to jump up underneath a door. It was quite a smash and whilst he smiled and laughed it off, I do wonder if there were any after-affects from that. It would have shaken him even if it actually didn't have an impact on his play and given how he was playing in sets three - five I don't really think it did. When it comes down to it, on the day, Muller was the better player over all.

But I have to say it is a huge, huge disappointment for me.

Andy's match was erratic, to say the least. Once again he played a jolly unconventional player and certainly struggled at times and at one point was limping really badly between points. He won in straight sets, but on evidence of his play I'm not sure he'll go that much further.

I didn't see much of Jo's match as I stuck with Angie & Gabi's match until that had finished and upon switching over to watch Jo she promptly lost four games in a row, so I hastily left her and watched Andy instated *g* and followed the scores of her match. She prevailed in three sets. Her match today is against the world number two and to be honest I don't think Jo will win. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I think she'll lose.

All of the ladies fourth round matches were played and I really enjoyed the match between Garbine Muguruza &  Angelique Kerber. It was probably the match of the tournament, certainly on the ladies side, thus far for me. Why oh why, given these ladies won three of the four slams last year and Angie is the world number one, they were shoved out onto Court 2 I don't know, but at least the people on that court got to see an amazing, highly competitive, well fourth match. I like both players equally so I honestly didn't mind who won - and in truth either of them could have done, right up to the final point; it was that close.

However, not all of the men's matches were played - thanks to Wimbledon's utterly crazy decision making. With Rafa's match still going on and Novak's still to take to the court at about 7:30 they had the opportunity to move Novak's match to Centre Court when Roger won his match, thus ending Centre Court's matches for the day.

However, they decided not to (although they did indicate to Novak & his opponent they would/might do so). Instead they decided to hang on to see if Rafa's match would finish so they could put Novak onto C1. Why they did this no one knows, given even if they had got him on there they match would be unlikely to get finished. They still had the chance to put the match onto Centre Court once Rafa's match did finally finish, but again changed their minds. This time their really weak, IMHO, reason was because there were still so many fans in the grounds that it might be dangerous if they headed for CC. Er, excuse me? There are thousands upon thousands of fans inside Wimbledon's grounds all day, every day, what was different last night?

It means that the match has to be played today on - wait for it - Centre Court! It will start at noon before the ladies quarter finals. So not only is it unfair on Novak & his opponent, it is rather unfair on the ladies too - especially as the weather is due to be awful. In fact it's due to start raining at 1:00 p.m. for the day. And I really do not think that they will be able to play all four ladies quarters and a men's match on Centre Court, not even with being able to play until 11:00 p.m.

Honestly, it really is very poor scheduling indeed. They have a nice, shiny, hugely expensive roof - use it!!! It isn't just there for show or to be put over a bit to help keep the sun of the crowd. I am not impressed at all this year with TPTB at Wimbledon for many reasons and this foolishness last night just adds to it. In fact their court choice for several of the matches yesterday has to be questioned.

Anyway, maybe the weather gods will be kind and the rain will miss Wimbledon - we'll see. If all goes according to plan, I will have some good matches. But we'll see what happens. I hope I'm wrong and they do get through all the four ladies' matches, but if not some of them will have to come back tomorrow - men's quarter finals - which of course adds to the problems.

Bad show, Wimbledon. Very, very bad show. Very, very unfair to Novak and his opponent.
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